The Life Design Workbook

What if you stopped playing small and quit dulling your light to make others feel comfortable?

What if you created the life of your dreams and reverse-engineered exactly what you want in the key areas of your life?

What if you knew your life could look completely different this time next year?

This 62-page PDF workbook is your step-by-step guide to dreaming up where you want to be – and then making it happen.

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62 Pages of Inspiration

in PDF format, which you can print or edit on your device

30+ Planning Sheets

including design sheets for your ideal work, money, body, home, community and more

Goal Planning Sheets

to plan your next steps to make your big-picture vision a reality

Progress Tracker Sheet

to keep yourself on track and accountable 

This is for you if...

  • You're feeling stuck
  • You know you're not where you want to be... but can't put your finger on what you want instead
  • You want to have a fast-growth year without burning out
  • The key areas of your life are out of alignment and you want more balance
  • You want more space for dreaming in your life
  • You want to achieve big dreams and need a helping hand to avoid overwhelm or procrastination

Hey, I'm Lucy. Have we met yet?

A quick intro: I'm a writer, adventurer, and entrepreneur who left the office to start a business and hasn't looked back since.

Even though now it's normal for me to spend days in the mountains and choose my own schedule every day, it hasn't always been this way...

In five years, I made huge changes in my life. After being painfully shy for as long as I could remember and being a pro at playing small, huge shifts started happening.

I made the big decision to move to the Swiss Alps and live alone in my dream house by the mountains for three years. I started my own business and built a six-figure income. I put more into my savings than I thought possible, travelled to awe-inspiring places, and went on the adventures I’d always dreamed of, including a self-sufficient trek across Greenland.

But none of this accidentally happened: it was all intricately planned. I dreamed it, designed it, and acted like the version of me who already had it. And that’s what I’m still doing every day and what I want to help you do too.

I learned that to create the life of your dreams, you first need to know what you really want. Once you know that, you’re ready to make it happen… every last detail.

Grab your copy of the workbook to dream up, design and implement:

  • Work that fits with the life you want to lead
  • The routine and habits to reach your goals
  • The details of your dream home
  • How you can give your body the most care and love
  • The wealth you need to support your life
  • community that supports you

Here's a preview of just a few of the pages you get instant access to:

I've downloaded your workbook, Lucy. Best thing I've read for ages, and I've read a lot of this type of thing! Thank you! 🙏

– Stacey

Get clear on what you really want

This 62-page workbook is designed to help you get clear on your most authentic answers to these life-changing questions:

What life do I really want?

Who do I dream of becoming?

And most importantly, how can I design and implement the habits and changes to get there?

Use the workbook to design the details of the life you want to bring into existence AND create a clear roadmap to make it happen.

Get Your Workbook